Mets Owner Takes Jabs At His Players

Mets Owner Takes Jabs At His Players
May 23, 2011, 6:26 am
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Plenty of people rip on the Mets. It's a regular old pastime in Philadelphia, a tradition handed down from generation to generation. But one person you'd probably not expect to rip into the Mets players is their owner, Fred Wilpon.

In a recent story for the New Yorker, Wilpon comments negatively about a handful of his star players. Jose Reyes has had everything wrong with him and won't get Carl Crawford money, David Wright is not a superstar, and Carlos Beltran is a shell of his former self.

Nothing that is entirely off base, and the Wright comment is more a question of what do you define a superstar to be, but it's always enjoyable to see New Yorkers attacking their own.

Adam Rubin of ESPN highlighted the juicy parts of the article, which also include quotes from Phillies fans favorite Mets supporter, Bernie Madoff. How can anyone take anything that guy says seriously these days?

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