Most People Become Phillies Fans Because of Equines, Right?

Most People Become Phillies Fans Because of Equines, Right?
April 24, 2013, 11:22 am
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**trailer above contains mature content**

Anthony Mackie is the star of the hotly anticipated film from Michael Bay sure to be a 2013 Academy Award favorite for Best Picture, "Pain & Gain." He also happens to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan for the most logical of reasons.

The Daily News' Molly Eichel caught up with the star and writes about when Mr. Mackie was a wee lad with no baseball team to call his own:

There was a 'Mister Ed' commercial and he had this thing where he
would go (imitating Mister Ed) 'Those Phillies!' when they asked what
his favorite baseball team was," said Mackie, who also starred in "The
Hurt Locker" and Philly-based "Night Catches Us."

"So I'm a Phillies fan because Mister Ed loves the Phillies. Ever since John Kruk, Big Kruk."

Mackie is a huge fan of smoking blunts because of Mr. Ed as well.*

He was in town last night for the local premeiere and also hit up the Phils ugly loss at CBP. He also told the Daily News about his friendly banter with Boston native Marky Mark about the two towns sporting rivalry.

[Jeremy Horst joke]

*not actually true**

**as far as we know

>>From the horse's mouth: Mackie likes Phils [DN]

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