Nats 18-Year-Old Future Star Already Prepping for Philly Heckling

Nats 18-Year-Old Future Star Already Prepping for Philly Heckling
May 13, 2011, 11:08 am
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Bryce Harper, the 18-year-old phenom drafted by the Washington Nationals, is hitting like crazy in the South Atlantic League. We linked to some very, very high praise of the kid yesterday in our "Recommended Reading," but found another interesting article on the youngster today.

Turns out, Bryce's vision was so awful his optometrist wondered how he ever hit a baseball. After getting setup with a fresh new pair of contacts a few weeks ago to correct this issue, Harper has been hitting the cover off the ball.

But none of that has anything to do with Philly directly, until later in the article when Harper talks about some fans in West Virginia heckling him.

From the Washington Post article on Harper's contacts and adjustment to professional baseball.

In West Virginia, Harper also endured the taunts of one particularly
obnoxious fan who peppered him all series with, among other things,
vulgarities pertaining to his mother and sister — stuff that was
described by one person who was there as “the most vile things I’ve ever
heard anyone say, on or off a baseball field.”

Asked about that
experience, Harper acknowledged having heard all of it. But then he
shrugged again and said, “It’s just getting me ready for Philly.”

We've pretty much heard it all as Philadelphia fans, but comparing us to West Virginians?

That hurts.

>>Bryce Harper’s switch to contact lenses has him laying waste to South Atlantic League pitching [Washington Post]

Thanks to wildcatterp for the tip.

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