Of Course Jayson Werth Homered in His First Game Against the Phillies

Of Course Jayson Werth Homered in His First Game Against the Phillies
April 15, 2011, 3:52 pm
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Jayson Werth entered Tuesday night's series opener between the Phillies and Nationals with his legs straddling the Mendoza Line and his team just shy of .500 on the young season. He left it having ascended to a .237 mark and doubled his home run and RBI totals with a pair of hits, including a solo homer in the fifth inning. Boos were audible at such occasions as Werth successfully fielding fly balls; with Nationals Park so woefully empty you could hear fans' Words With Friends notifications, there weren't enough Nats fans to drown them out. Werth had the last laugh on the boo birds though, as (A) they helped pay his salary tonight, and (B) the Nats beat the Phillies. 

Werth's postgame comments on the boos and facing Charlie Manuel (pretty funny) and his former team below.

It was kind of a snoozer of a game to watch despite Ryan Howard also going yard, Jimmy Rollins being tagged out by a glove that didn't actually contain a ball, and the Phils managing 10 hits and threatening a few times. Joe Blanton had another rough outing, indicating afterward that he was having trouble executing from the stretch. The Nats tuned him up for 5 ER and 7 hits over 6 IP, taking advantage of his struggles with men on base. Get to work, Dubee. 

Roy Halladay on the hill tomorrow... 

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