OH at CBP: 'Those are some sad Spice Girls'

OH at CBP: 'Those are some sad Spice Girls'
August 23, 2012, 8:03 am
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"Those are some sad Spice Girls." -Lady sitting next to me in section 145 last night

By most accounts, 1990s night at Citizens Bank Park was a huge success with Phillies fans. We got to see those old school uniforms of yesteryear and enjoy the stellar scoreboard Photoshop work to make Dom Brown look like Carlton Banks or Chase Utley look like Brenda's brother in 90210. But one minor detail failed to live up to the glory of the 90s.

Although, I will say, the fake Sporty Spice may have actually been a step up from the real one.

The Spice Girls appearance also led to my dad and I discussing their appearance at the Olympics in which I reinforced my belief that they should have fallen off those speeding taxis to make for amazing television. Sadly, no Spice Girls got onto the Phanatic's four-wheeler last night either.

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