Pence Enjoying a Room with a View in Philly

Pence Enjoying a Room with a View in Philly
August 15, 2011, 8:18 am
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The Phillies game on Sunday was washed out by the rain, leaving reporters with no on-field action to write about. But fear not, because Hunter Pence was around in the clubhouse and was more than agreeable to once again discuss his perfect match with the city of Philadelphia.

Our colleague John Finger delved into Hunter's words, looking for insights into what makes Pence tick. It's a nice look at the Phillies newest outfielder/crush-object and why there's such a mutual admiration between him and the city of Philadelphia.

Also, Pence's family went out and drove his car to Philly for him, found him a pretty sweet crib, and furnished it all while the team was on their most recent 10-game road swing which they finished with 9-1 record. Similar to his spot in right field at CBP, the views from his new pad are pretty awesome.

“When I got back, my car was here and my parents already had my place
furnished,” he said. “It’s like the coolest place I’ve ever been—I’m
overlooking Philadelphia with all the windows everywhere. I’m by the
water. I see a bridge, I can see the buildings… It’s beautiful and I
love it.”

>>Pence building a strong bond with Philadelphia [CSN]

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