Philadelphia Fans Really Are Not Fond of Jonathan Papelbon

Philadelphia Fans Really Are Not Fond of Jonathan Papelbon
August 7, 2013, 11:41 am
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The Phillies finally found a team they could beat on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park.

Thanks, Chicago Cubs.

It was a fairly entertaining albeit ugly game too. Darin Ruf attempted and failed to leg out a triple but later smashed a homer to make up for it which was fun for the South Philadelphia faithful. Chase Utley was a few steps away from attempting the uber exciting inside-the-park home run but there were no outs so Ryne Sandberg wisely held him up. Chooch even bashed an ever-elusive home run.

But the Phillies did not make it easy on themselves. They carried a fairly comfortable 4 run lead into the ninth inning when they brought in expensive closer Jonathan Papelbon to get the game over with.

Papelbon proceeded to give up a pair of hits before striking out two and seemingly putting the game on ice. Then Nate Schierholtz continued his revenge and Dom Brown muffed a fly ball and the Cubs had the tying run in scoring position just like that.

Throughout all of this ugly ninth inning the CBP crowd was letting Papelbon hear it. Boos were flowing freely and I swear some people in my section were openly rooting for the guy to blow the game just so they could hate him even more.

So my question is this: Do Phillies fans dislike Papelbon so much because he's getting paid so lucratively and performing so mediocre? Or do they dislike him so much because of his choice of words?

Either way, it was a bizarre scene watching the Phillies get a tight victory on Tuesday night and seeing some fans leave almost disappointed in the result.

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