Phillies bullpen forcing you to swallow the tough pills

Phillies bullpen forcing you to swallow the tough pills
May 12, 2014, 11:26 am
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You checked MLB At Bat on your phone at your aunt's house during the Mother's Day BBQ and the Phillies had what looked like a comfortable lead over the Mets late in Sunday's series finale, but while you were busy wrestling with your little nephews and cousins, Antonio Bastardo and the Phillies bullpen completely imploded. It was a reminder that nothing ever comes easy to these Phillies or their fans. And it made you reach for one more beer.

Bastardo was the guy giving Phillies fan agita on Sunday. He was simply awful. But it didn't have to be him.

CSNPhilly's Jim Salisbury wrote about the obvious absence of the Phils extremely well-paid closer Jonathan Papelbon on Sunday in New York. It didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Papelbon, who has converted 11 straight save chances, threw just 21 pitches in closing out wins on Friday and Saturday. That’s a workload that requires a day off?

Answers to why the owner of the largest contract ever given to a relief pitcher (four years, $50 million) could not answer the bell were sought after the game.

At first, Sandberg said Papelbon was just getting a needed day off. Sandberg said the closer did not have a health issue. Eventually, Sandberg conceded that Papelbon was “a little sore.”

Generally sore.

So, get mad at Bastardo for blowing it ... OR ...  Papelbon for not even attempting to blow it.

It's not often you get too pissed off at a guy for getting in a little rest but the Phillies have an off day today, so like Sandberg's description of watching Bastardo blow it in the video below, it's a tough pill to swallow. And when Jim Salisbury smells something fishy, something's probably fishy.

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