Phillies Come From Behind, Walk It Off Again, Then Cliff Lee Falls Down

Phillies Come From Behind, Walk It Off Again, Then Cliff Lee Falls Down

This is starting to feel like a subplot from the film Mr. 3000. T-Rex Pennebaker gets a dysfunctional Brewers locker room to rally around a chase for third place. Just that one specific part of the movie though. Obviously I don’t think Ruben Amaro is interested in having Ryne Sandberg come out of retirement to chase 3,000 hits. Even then I guess the Phillies aren’t really that far out of third, with a lot of baseball left to play. Who knows if they have or will set a specific goal at all?

So the Phils’ recent run is really nothing like Mr. 3000 (so far as we know), but it does feel like winning a few games might be causing the stagnant air in or around the clubhouse to dissipate a little. Guys are actually having fun again. Look at Cliff Lee while the team stormed the field to celebrate another walk-off victory over the Colorado Rockies on Thursday night. He’s so happy he can’t even stand on his own two feet.

Domonic Brown’s ninth-inning single to score Michael Young completed the 5-4 come-from-behind victory, then for some reason a deranged Lee basically tried to tackle Young in the infield. Bad move because Cliff’s gonna get the worst of this one. Young trucks Lee, the pitcher loses his balance, and next thing you know he’s lying on his back in the dirt. Smooth.

[mlbvideo id="29953719" width="640" height="358" /]

Now I like to feel like I'm realllly in step with all of our readers, so I know what you’re thinking. Could Michael Young take Cliff Lee? Lee has two inches and five pounds on Young, and presumably a reach advantage as well. Tackling is probably a poor strategy though – Young has a lower center of gravity. That wasn’t very good form, either. Insert obligatory Lee could/couldn’t play for the Eagles’ defense haha.

As for the game itself, the Phillies trailed 4-1 after Kyle Kendrick broke down in the fifth, serving up a three-run blast to Wilin Rosario. Surprisingly Zach Miner, B.J. Rosenberg, and Cesar Jiminez pitched well out of the bullpen, which afforded the Fightins a chance to climb back. Darin Ruf countered in the eighth with a two-run shot of his own, setting the table for a dramatic finish.

Jimmy Rollins got it going with a two-out double, then stole a bag that proved to be big as it allowed him to tie the score on a weak ground ball hit by Young. Chase Utley drew a walk, Dom brought us home.

You read correctly. All of that happened with two outs. Exciting!

That makes three walk-offs in five nights, four wins all told. The Rocks are not a good baseball team right now, so maybe this doesn’t mean the Phillies are going to launch an assault on third place in the NL East, second place, .500, whatever. It’s just nice to see some smiles at the ballpark again.


Watch: Pokemon players ignore Phillies game to catch 'em all

Watch: Pokemon players ignore Phillies game to catch 'em all

The700Level Show's video gurus (nerds) took a trip over to Citizens Bank Park last week when the Phillies were promoting Pokemon Go lures at all of the PokeStops inside of the stadium. 

Some random quotes from the Pokemon fans, in their own words:

"There's like a million lures right now, so I might not actually sit down. I might just walk laps so I can catch like a million Pokemon."

"I'm kind of fighting the urge to walk around the stadium instead of watch the game right now."

"My egg just hatched."

"I'll be playing Pokemon Go at Wawa."

"People are like, 'get a life!'"

"I walked directly into a car, that was interesting."

"Constant loss of my dignity for being an adult and playing a children's game."

There you have it. Catch 'em all!

NFL clears Peyton Manning of HGH allegations

NFL clears Peyton Manning of HGH allegations

NEW YORK -- The NFL says it found no credible evidence that Peyton Manning was provided with HGH or other prohibited substances as alleged in a documentary by Al-Jazeera America last fall.

The league said the quarterback and his wife fully cooperated in the seven-month investigation, providing interviews and access to all records sought by investigators. Manning vehemently denied the allegations when they were made late in the season.

Manning retired from the NFL a month after Denver's 24-10 win over Carolina in Super Bowl 50.

The NFL is continuing its investigation into allegations made against other NFL players in the documentary, which the league said involves "different lines of inquiry and witnesses."

Eagles CB Jalen Mills rocks a green hairdo, says he kind of likes it


Eagles CB Jalen Mills rocks a green hairdo, says he kind of likes it

Seventh-round draft pick Jalen Mills was one of the standouts of the Eagles' offseason program, quickly climbing the depth chart and impressing on the field. But on the first day of training camp, the rookie cornerback stood out for a far different reason.

As you can see, Mills' hair is green.

The LSU product turned some heads and even got a few chuckles from onlookers. Don't expect that to persuade him to go back to a more conventional look anytime soon though. Mills said he got the color done about a week ago and thinks he'll stick with it.

"Just joking with one of my friends," Mills said of how the new hairdo came about. "Then the joke, I actually came through and I actually kind of like it a little bit, so I'm gonna keep it for sure."

As for Mills' teammates, well, they've got jokes too. Let's just say the green hair has inspired some new nicknames for the first-year defensive back.

"Green Goblin. The Joker. I've heard Lime Green Skittle. Starburst," Mills said, rattling off some of the nicknames going around the locker rom. "I've been getting an earful."

Of course, Mills isn't the first Eagles player or even defensive back to sport team pride by changing the color of his locks. Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie showed up to training camp with a green stripe in his hair back in 2012.

Hopefully it works out better for Mills than it did DRC, who went on to have a disastrous season. Fortunately, the 22-year-old seems to have his head on straight and is not merely vying for a roster spot, but perhaps serious playing time this season.

Mills opened up the first day of training camp with rookies and selected veterans by breaking up several passes, building on a strong offseason that saw him working with the first-team defense as the nickel corner. As for how he's gone from late-round pick to in the mix so fast, Mills credits hard work, along with his coaches and teammates.

"Just being focused and being determined," said Mills. "We've got a great coaching staff helping me, great players in the defensive back room as well, just everybody being able to help me put my first step forward.

"I'm really trying to give my all for this team and it's showing through."

It's showing through quite literally at the moment.

When you finish your first #EaglesCamp practice...

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