Phillies Fans Invade Nats Park (Obvs), Roy Halladay Appreciates It

Phillies Fans Invade Nats Park (Obvs), Roy Halladay Appreciates It
May 31, 2011, 6:09 am
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Given that Monday was Memorial Day and one of the most American things you can do with an off day is to watch some baseball, Nationals Park was flooded with Phillies fans. This, of course, is nothing new for Phillies games down in DC, but Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post's fantastic DC Sports Bog devoted an item to the latest Philadelphia invasion of DC. Mr. Steinberg even shared with his readers that he told some Phils fans to go back to Philly! What a meanie, that guy.

But my favorite note from his item is when Roy Halladay talks about being spoiled by Philly fans.

And someone else asked Roy Halladay. “I hate to say you’re spoiled, but
you get used to it,” he said. “Even some of the longer trips, they’re
there. We are spoiled and fortunate to have good fans, and it makes a
difference. You know, you feel it in some ways, that you have a little
bit of an advantage.”

So, keep up the good work, Philly fans.

Sadly, as Steinberg reports, Teddy did not win on Memorial Day.

For a full rundown of the Philadelphia invasion, check out the Bog.

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Here's a bonus video of a Phils fan throwing back a Nats home run ball. As Jamie Mottram points out, he does not have a hose.

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