Phillies to Raise Ticket Prices in 2013, But Also Lower Ticket Prices in 2013

Phillies to Raise Ticket Prices in 2013, But Also Lower Ticket Prices in 2013
October 17, 2012, 9:01 am
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You could pay more for your Philadelphia Phillies tickets in 2013. Or you could pay less. It depends on what particular games you go to. Unless you go to all of the games. In that case, you'll pay the same.

The Phillies will move to a "modified pricing structure," according to vice president of ticket sales and operations John Weber, via the Daily News' Ryan Lawrence.

This is actually pretty standard practice in the sports world today. Tickets to games in high demand may be a few more bucks than tickets to games with less demand.

Mick Jagger knew what he was talking about!

After all is said and done, if they sold out every game, they wouldn't make any more money. Lawrence reports:

"We took a look at it and picked 10 games [to increase prices]," Weber
said. "And 10 other games will go down the same amount. It's a very
simplified pricing model. There is no price increase [overall].

You might think that the games are based solely on quality of opponent -- for instance, the Red Sox tickets will be a tad pricier -- but that's not the case exactly.

A Thursday game in July against the Nationals is more expensive while Tuesday and Wednesday games against the same Nats in September are cheaper. Ditto a Tuesday June game vs. Miami and a Thursday May game vs. the same Fish.

We have no evidence to support it, but I'd guess a few of the pricier random team games could feature a sexy giveaway.

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