Phils Friday Roster Shakeup

Phils Friday Roster Shakeup
May 11, 2012, 10:55 am
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There was a pretty big shakeup on the Phillies 25-man roster this afternoon as the team is trying to find a young piece to work in their pen after Joe Savery and Brian Sanches didn't fare too well. Nobody really expected Sanches to be a real piece to a championship-caliber team, but it would have been nice if he could have filled in admirably for a while.

The one pitcher's potential to get most excited about today is Rich Dubee-crush Jake Diekman, the lefty that impressed many in Clearwater this spring. Diekman had been pitching wondefully in Lehigh Valley after his impressive spring. The time has come to give him a shot.

All of this transactional news, of course, was broken on Twitter yesterday by Michael Schwimmer who was sent down to join the IronPigs in Lehigh Valley. Nice of Schwim to do something useful for once.

Hector Luna is likely up for a cup to add some bench depth and versatility while Laynce Nix rests up that sore calf.

Now you can try and explain to your girlfriend at the game tonight just who these new guys are.

Nix-15-day DL (calf), Defratus-60-day DL and Sanches outrighted to LV. LHP Valdes and INF Luna contract selected, Diekman recalled from AAA.

— Phillies (@philaphillies) May 11, 2012

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