Phils Game Chat: Blanton Versus the Murder Novel Author

Phils Game Chat: Blanton Versus the Murder Novel Author
May 8, 2012, 2:23 pm
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If you're looking for a postive after the Phillies series-opening loss to the Mets last night, take solice in the fact that Joe Blanton is throwing tonight at Citizens Bank Park. In Heavy B's last 17 starts at CBP, the Phillies have gone 14-3. That's impressive.

His counter part this evening? A murder novel author. From CSN's "What You Need to Know:"

[Blanton] is opposed Tuesday by 41-year-old journeyman Miguel Batista, who was
forced into starting duty when Mike Pelfrey went down for the season
with an elbow injury. Batista has pitched for 12 different teams over 20
major league seasons. He’s also written a book of Spanish poetry and a
murder novel.

More on his novel from Wiki:

Batista has also published The Avenger of Blood,
a thriller about a serial killer. The novel was released on December
12, 2006 in the United States, and met with mixed reviews. It was
released on January 25, 2007 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and on
February 10, 2007 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where it has had some

Here's to no success for Batista this evening in South Philly.

7:05 from CBP. Could be cold and wet and the Flyers are playing across the street plus the Sixers tip off game 5 in Chicago later in the evening.

Lineup vs NYM. Rollins ss. Pierre lf. Vic cf.Pence rf. Ruiz c. Polanco 3b. Mayberry 1b. Orr 2b. Joe B vs Miguel Batista.

— Jim Salisbury (@JSalisburyCSN) May 8, 2012

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