Poll: Which Phillies Pitcher Would You NOT Want to Rush?

Poll: Which Phillies Pitcher Would You NOT Want to Rush?
April 12, 2013, 5:29 am
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Which Phillies pitcher do you think could take on a rushing batter most effectively? Gotta be Clifton, right? #baseballplayer

— Enrico (@The700Level) April 12, 2013

Although Doc is probably more built/jacked.

— Enrico (@The700Level) April 12, 2013

After watching the video of the bench-clearing brawl between the Dodgers and the Padres over and over, it got me wondering: which Phillies pitcher would be the most intimidating for an opposing batter to come charging at on the hill?

Initially, I thought Cliff Lee, mostly because he's just an all around athletes. How everybody always calls him a "baseball player" and not just a "pitcher." But the more I thought about it, Roy Halladay's sheer size may be tough to beat. Plus, his angry face is scary as hell.

Which Phillies pitcher would scare you the most if you were rushing towards him with your manhood and honor on the line?

(I was initially thinking starting pitchers, but feel free to toss in Papelbon or whoever else in the pen if you wish)

UPDATE: This link is probably worth considering.

Which Phillies pitcher would be the biggest beast in a brawl?
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