Quotable: Ben Revere's One-Sided He Said-He Said with Umpire Bob Davidson

Quotable: Ben Revere's One-Sided He Said-He Said with Umpire Bob Davidson
June 5, 2013, 8:00 am
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If not for John Mayberry making baseball history in the 10th and 11th innings, the main storyline from Tuesday night's 7-3 win could very well have been Bob Davidson's interference call in the eighth inning.

Davidson, the second base umpire, turned a fielder's choice into a double play when he called Ben Revere out for over-sliding the bag and allegedly grabbing Marlins' second baseman Dan Dietrich's legs.

Of course, that leg-grabbing thing didn't actually happen, prompting this exchange between Revere and Davidson as told by Revere and Revere:

“Clearly, I did not grab his leg,” Revere said. “I know [Davidson] was standing right there, he said he did see it, so I’m just like, man needs some glasses or something. He says, 'Interference,' I said, 'What’d I do?' He said, 'You grabbed his leg,' I was like, 'How?' He said, 'You grabbed it,' I was like, ‘My hand’s on the ground.’

“I don't know, it’s ridiculous. I enjoyed the fans getting after him too.”

That was good, too -- according to Corey Seidman's gamer (linked to above) the sounds of "Bob, you suck" echoed throughout CBP for the remainder of the night.

As enjoyable as it is to read Ben Revere go back-and-forth with himself, Charlie's response might have been better:

“Bob’s kinda getting a little old,” Charlie Manuel quipped after the game of the 60-year-old ump.

Charlie Manuel -- age 69.

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