Quotable: Jayson Werth Can't Wait to See Charlie Manuel

Quotable: Jayson Werth Can't Wait to See Charlie Manuel
April 13, 2011, 2:17 pm
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Nationals Ballpark should be a fun scene on
Tuesday night when the Phillies and their fans frequently outnumber
those cheering on the hometown team. Add in the departed bearded
rightfielder who just so happened to pad his bank account with a $126
million payday and you've got yourself some fun story lines. The Daily
News' Sam Donnellon caught up with Jayson Werth in New York
yesterday to get his thoughts on facing his former team and the
inevitability of Phillies fans showing up in force over the next three
days. Not surprisingly, there's one guy Werth is looking forward to
seeing the most.

"And Charlie . . . I can't wait to see Charlie, you know? He's a
smack talker. And I know he's going to be ready. And I'm going to be
ready for him. I got something for him."

A number of Phillies were also asked over the weekend about the anticipated matchup with their former battery mate. Ryan Lawrence has the Shane money line.

When the Phils return to action following today’s off day in the
schedule, they’ll see Jayson Werth wearing a different shade of red:
Washington Nationals red.

“I hope (Joe) Blanton runs one in on him,” Shane Victorino deadpanned.

Like I said, should be a fun one.

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