Quotable: Mike Schmidt On Bryce Harper

Quotable: Mike Schmidt On Bryce Harper
March 15, 2012, 7:33 am
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Former Deadspin head honcho Will Leitch caught up with Washington Nationals super phenom Bryce Harper to see how many baseballs he could eat in under a minute. No, that's not true, but you might think it were based on the odd photo accompanying Leitch's story on Harper for GQ Magazine.

Mostly the article just talks about Harper's throwback approach to the game where he's got attitude, doesn't care what anyone else thinks, and wants to run his cleats through opposing player's skulls. Or something like that.

Leitch thinks this attitude may get Harper a few fastballs to the head. Legendary Phillies 3B Mike Schmidt tends to agree.

As Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt put it: "I would think at
some point the game itself, the competition on the field, is going to
have to figure out a way to police this young man."

I think Roy Halladay should volunteer.

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