Roy Ain't Worried

Roy Ain't Worried
March 13, 2013, 7:37 am
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Man, after looking at Roy Halladay's terrible line from yesterday down in Florida, the collective outlook on the Phillies season certainly took a hit for the negative. Charlie was a bit concerned, beat writers twitched, and fans all started wondering if the end is nigh. But Roy Halladay says he isn't worried.

Doc described being lethargic yesterday during his outing. Which is a fine way for the rest of us to feel every single day of our lives when we go to work. But this is Roy Halladay we're talking about. Lethargic shouldn't be in his vocabulary.

But Roy just kinda brushes it off as his legendary workouts finally catching up to him.

“I was really lethargic,” he said. “Warming up it was as good as it has
been all year. Once we got out there (in the game) it was completely
different. I think it’s just that time of spring. You’re going all the
time. We had an extra day so I threw two bullpens in between, and you’re
trying to work on as much stuff as you can. So I really feel that kind
of caught up with me today.”

Halladay was not happy with the results. He was not troubled by them, either.

always been a lot harder on myself than any of you guys have ever
been,” he said. “It’s hard to explain sometimes how you’re feeling, what
you’re working on, what you’re going through, what you’re trying to do.
When you know in your head what’s going on, it’s a lot different. So
the results aren’t satisfying – that’s obvious – but I think with the
work we’ve done there’s been a lot of progress made. Unfortunately, we
got to a point where we’ve done so much throwing that I really kind of
just felt lethargic.

Jim Salisbury has a very reasonable take with more from Roy and Charlie. People seem to be a little worried. But not Roy.

So Roy says he's not. But are you? His velocity was way down yesterday, but he says that's likely due to his crazy workout regimen catching up with him as of late.

We know, we know. It's March 13th. But damn, your confidence in Roy for 2013 had to take a hit yesterday. Did it not?

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