Roy Halladay: 'I was not wrestling snakes.'

Roy Halladay: 'I was not wrestling snakes.'
February 21, 2012, 8:24 am
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The legend of Roy Halladay battling anacondas in the middle of the Amazon to save a naked local man may have in fact been blown slightly out of proportion.

Roy discussed the incident with reporters this afternoon down in Clearwater and it's almost sad to hear the true story which isn't as awesome as the fantasized version of it.

"I was not wrestling snakes. I was nowhere near snakes," Roy said, much to our disappointment. [video below]

"By far I've told that story more than any other story I've ever had."

He even says he's answered more questions about the Amazon tale than his perfect game.

UPDATE: Here's higher quality video from CSN. Initial video by David Hale below.

Delaware Online's David Hale took this video:

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