Roy Halladay Takes On His Old Squad Today in Toronto

Roy Halladay Takes On His Old Squad Today in Toronto
July 2, 2011, 7:46 am
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Athletes usually down play their return to the city they spent much of their career bleeding for, and Roy Halladay is no different in his highly-anticipated return to Toronto this afternoon.

"I feel like it's any other start," Halladay said. "It's been long enough for me where that's not really something that's in the forefront. Obviously it's the first time back, but I don't really anticipate anything different than any other road start."

Not surprisingly, the start is hitting those in Toronto a bit harder, with many fans using the opportunity to wax nostalgic on Roy's years with the organization.

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Besides the aesthetic appeal, the joy Jays fans derived from watching Halladay pitch for the better part of the last decade came from the sharing of a secret, known only to the rest of the team’s fanbase and to those in the dugouts and clubhouses of the league’s other 29 clubs: Halladay was flat-out better than everyone else in the game.

And he was ours.

But yours no longer. Now Roy is a Philadelphian and all is right with the world.

We suspect Roy will open up and share a bit more about how meaningful a return to Toronto is following the game, especially once he dominates the Blue Jays.

1:07 start time from Toronto.The Phils take on right-hander Carlos Villanueva (5-1, 3.15)

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