Rumors Heating up Concerning Rollins' Return to Philly

Rumors Heating up Concerning Rollins' Return to Philly

Though we're hearing that "money and length" are the sticking points of the ongoing Jimmy Rollins-Philadelphia Phillies free agent talks—as if that was really "breaking" news—we're also hearing that Jimmy might be on his way back to town...maybe.

Jim Bowden of ESPN sent out a tweet at about 5 p.m. Wednesday evening that the Phillies had agreed to terms with their free agent shortstop. Unfortunately for anyone who had their hopes up, the rumor—first posted by's Jim Duquette—was immediately squashed by a number of sources, including Bowden's own ESPN colleague Jayson Stark.

Though this particular report might not be true at this particular time, it isn't the only piece of news released in the last few hours indicating the Jimmy would be back with the club next season. [more below]

Word got out yesterday that Rollins and his agent Don Lozano were in discussions with the Milwaukee Brewers to see if Young James might be the right fit to fill their need at short. With that in mind, Bowden's above tweet—along with its subsequent denials—comes on the heels of Brewers' beat writer Tom Haurdicourt's earlier report that the negotiations between Rollins and the Milwaukee front office had seemingly ended with the Rollins on his way back to the Phillies.

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Tom#Brewers hearing that Jimmy Rollins is staying with Phillies, so looks like he's out as possible SS option. Furcal, Gonzalez, Yuni left.
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As Grant Brisbee over at Baseball Nation pointed out, Haudricourt's report may be influenced by some members of the Milwaukee organization who have the benefit of being a little more candid in regard to the status of the negotiations, especially if they feel as though they—the Brewers—are out of the running.

Whatever the reality of the situation, one thing is one for sure: Mr. Lozano is a busy man.

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Union emotional after Maurice Edu's season-ending injury

Union emotional after Maurice Edu's season-ending injury

CHESTER, Pa. — On the eve of his comeback after missing nearly 13 months with a left tibia stress fracture and other related injuries, Union midfielder Maurice Edu fractured his left fibula on Saturday, keeping him out for the 2016 playoffs and beyond.

“I was trying to take the shot on goal and my foot got stuck in the turf,” Edu said Sunday, in his blue Union-issued suit and supported by crutches. “My ankle rolled and twisted and it kind of snapped a little bit. I heard it crack, and a lot of pain from there. I got a scan afterward, and there was a break.”

There's no timetable his return.

Edu, 30, has spent over a calendar year fighting various injuries that have kept him out of game action. His trouble began on Sept. 30, 2015, when he played through the U.S. Open Cup final with a partially torn groin and sports hernia. It was during Edu’s recovery from those injuries that he developed a stress fracture.

"A little bit frustration. A lot of frustration, to be honest," he said. "But all I can do now is get back to work, focus on the positives and make sure that my situation isn’t a distraction from the team."

Edu’s teammates were equally devastated by the news. Edu, the Union captain when healthy, is popular and well-respected in the locker room.

"I feel so bad for him," said Alejandro Bedoya, who wore a dedication to Edu under his jersey on Sunday. "He’s one of my good friends, so I was looking forward to playing alongside him. I know how hard he’s worked to get back, and to see him go out like that, it’s heartbreaking. I’m sad for his loss and I hope he stays strong."

Edu, who has been with the Union since 2014, returned to training in July and played three conditioning appearances with the Union’s USL team, Bethlehem Steel FC. He was on the bench for the Union’s last three games and was set to make his first appearance in over a year against the New York Red Bulls on Sunday, a game the Union eventually lost, 2-0 (see game story).

"We’re gutted for Mo," Union manager Jim Curtin said. "He was slated to start today. It’s real upsetting because he’s worked so hard to get back on the field. It’s been a tough 2016 for him, but I know he’ll come back stronger."

While he was visibly shaken by recent injury, Edu is driven to return.

"What happened, happened," Edu said. "I have no control over that. The only thing I do have control over is my next steps from here, how I prepare myself mentally and emotionally and how I continue to support this group."

Temple picked to finish 6th in AAC preseason poll

USA Today Images

Temple picked to finish 6th in AAC preseason poll

This is starting to become a trend. One Temple hopes to continue to prove wrong.

For the third straight year, Temple was chosen to finish sixth in the American Athletic Conference preseason poll. The poll, which was released on Monday, is voted on by the conference's head coaches.

Also selected to finish sixth last season, the Owls posted a 21-12 overall record and a 14-4 mark in the AAC to reach the NCAA Tournament. In 2014-15, TU tied for third in the AAC with a 13-5 record and was one of the last teams left out of the Big Dance.

Cincinnati was tabbed to win the American title in the poll, just ahead of UConn.

Temple, who returns three starters from last season's team, opens the 2016-17 campaign against city rival La Salle at the Liacouras Center on Nov. 11.