Ryan Howard is a Big Fan of the Real Housewives Shows

Ryan Howard is a Big Fan of the Real Housewives Shows
February 22, 2012, 11:01 am
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Ryan Howard sat down for his Welcome-back-to-Clearwater-how's-the-Achilles? press conference this afternoon down in Florida and the Phillies slugger talked about many things. There were the standard baseball stuff but we also got to know a little bit more about the man behind the uniform.

After answering questions about the progress he's making with his Achilles -- he's feeling good! -- and how he is super excited to pick Jim Thome's brain, Ryan also revealed how he spent much of his downtime while resting his legs this offseason.

Howard spent a lot of time laying around on the couch watching a ton of television. Makes sense. He probably got through a couple of seasons of The Wire, Breaking Bad, or maybe even Hawaii Five-0 to support Shane. Wait. What's that? You watched what?! [video below]

Yes, Ryan Howard spent his offseason watching all of those "Housewives shows." At least he owns it. Don't go giving him those judgmental looks.

We're happy for the Level's own Rev who finally found something he has in common with the Philadelphia Phillies slugging first baseman. You guys should totally hang out.

Also of note: Howard found himself in the super market talking to fans about their own Achilles injuries, sharing stories and showing each other their scars. That's neat.

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