Ryne Sandberg Gets First Victory In Walkoff Fashion

Ryne Sandberg Gets First Victory In Walkoff Fashion
August 19, 2013, 12:09 pm
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Ryne Sandberg hasn't been mentioned a lot around these parts over the past few days. That's not a knock on him per se, it's just that Charlie Manuel meant so much to the city of Philadelphia and its baseball team. But Sandberg took a big step in his managerial career on Sunday by getting the first win under his belt and he did it in pretty exciting walkoff fashion.

Now it wasn't the most exciting play ever when Hanley Ramirez botched a could've-been double play ball hit right at him, but bobble it he did and the Phils earned themselves the walkoff victory over the dominant Dodgers.

Sandberg's trial period the remainder of this season is not likely to go super easily for him given this current team's track record, but damn it if the guy didn't look absolutely thrilled to get that first 'W' under his belt. Here's to hoping for 1,000 more.


Recommended reading this morning on how Sandberg expects more out of Jimmy Rollins.

Sandberg was asked whether he had any fresh ideas to get more out of Rollins. He was vague in his answer, but in so many words admitted that Rollins would be a focus.

“I have good talks with Jimmy and he’s a big piece of the puzzle,” Sandberg said. “That will be my job from here on out, no doubt about it. That goes for everybody, but him in particular. He is a big piece of the puzzle. He’s a good player. That’s a challenge of mine and we’ll stay after that.”

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