Sarah Silverman Tops Morgan Freeman Again

Sarah Silverman Tops Morgan Freeman Again
May 16, 2011, 8:27 am
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If you were watching yesterday's Phillies broadcast, you were probably pleasantly surprised when they returned from commercial with Morgan Freeman joining T-Mac and Sarge in the booth. Red from Shawshank! Joe Clark! Nelson Mandela! Freeman is an icon and one of the most gifted actors of all time. He can inject gravitas into anything. Except, as it turns out, a baseball game. His appearance came at a tough time for guest dialogues, with some activity on the basepaths in a close final game of a tight divisional series. Let's just say there wasn't an immediate chemistry in the booth. These things happen, the booth guest thing can get pretty awkward sometimes without it really being anyone's fault. Freeman, on hand after being honored as part of the the MLB's weekend of Civil Rights festivities, gets a pass (even in a Braves jacket, which he didn't wear in the booth).

Meanwhile, in the Fox broadcast from the Yankees-Red Sox game, Joe Buck was joined by none other than Sarah Silverman, who found a way to bring up Massholes, steroids, and her belief that LSD should be allowed as a reward for pitchers.

Video of that below.

Sarah Silverman, ladies and gentlemen. Gotta give it to Joe Buck on this one too. He certainly didn't add anything, but he "played" the square to her schtick pretty well. I guess after Artie Lang's appearance on Joe Buck Live, Joe's learned to roll with a few punches.

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