Screencap: New Yorkers' Boos Do Not Faze Cliff Lee

Screencap: New Yorkers' Boos Do Not Faze Cliff Lee
July 17, 2013, 10:31 am
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It wasn't quite as awesome as Chase Utley's infamous "Boo? F--- you" moment at a different All-Star Game in New York City, but Cliff Lee reacted to the Big Apple booing in rather humorous fashion. Philadelphia fans and Clifton afficianados watching at home weren't the only ones to get a kick out of Cliff's tough stare when his name was announced and boos rained down. Fellow Phillies All-Star Dom Brown enjoyed the moment quite a bit as well.

From Jim Salisbury who was up in New York for the festivities:

Brown and Lee were both booed -- it’s a New York-Philly thing, you know -- during pre-game introductions. Brown smiled when he was greeted with boos. Lee reacted with a stern-looking straight face that was caught by the cameras. On a festive night, he looked anything but.

“I saw him,” Brown said, referring to Lee’s reaction. “That’s Cliff. I started laughing right away.”

Dom seemed to savor the ASG experience and despite not getting the opportunity to get out of the on-deck circle in the ninth inning to save the game, says he'll just work hard and try to get back and make something happen next year.

Cliff and Dom will be back at CitiField this weekend to get a little revenge on those annoying New Yorkers.

>>Despite issues, Brown enjoys first All-Star game [CSN]

Update: MLB GIF'd the jawn:

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