Sometimes It Rains and Sometimes Roy Halladay Gets Sick

Sometimes It Rains and Sometimes Roy Halladay Gets Sick
March 18, 2013, 9:26 am
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Some of you may be "skeptics" while others may have "myriad questions" surrounding Roy Halladay being sick over the weekend, leaving his start after just one inning due to a stomach sickness. The team said he has a virus.

But his catcher will tell you he was sick. Erik Kratz has seen sick and Roy Halladay was sick, man. If we can't believe Phillies catchers who can we believe?

And Roy was still sick today. He showed up to the clubhouse in "jeans and a sweatshirt" and didn't even stop at his locker. He was just there for some meds. Because he's sick and wants to feel better.

I am not a skeptic nor do I have myriad questions. I'd just like to see Roy Halladay healthy and pitching. Get that guy some Gatorade, damn it.

And sometimes it just rains.

From Ruben Amaro Jr. who talked to beat writer Ryan Lawrence today:

Q: I imagine you have to be disappointed, wanted to see him bounce back following that start Tuesday...

Amaro: Yeah, I’m sure Roy was. But you can’t do anything about it.
It’s like the rain, like the weather. You can’t do anything about

Sometimes it rains.

Do you like rain? Do you hate when it rains? Do you enjoy staying in bed and watching it rain through foggy windows? Do you think we need more umbrellas in the world? Let's discuss in the comments.

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