Start Planning Your Trip to the MLB All-Star Game in Philadelphia

Start Planning Your Trip to the MLB All-Star Game in Philadelphia
April 26, 2012, 6:45 am
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If you're anything like us you're not great at planning. The Phillies are playing the Washington Nationals down in DC in just about a week from now and we still can't decide if we're going to make the trip down there.

So it pleases us that the Phillies and MLB are going to give us plenty of time to make plans to attend what David Montgomery and the organization hopes will be the next All-Star game in Philadelphia... in 2026.

Why are the Phillies hoping for the Mid-Summer Classic in 2026? Well, Google the word sestercentennial and you'll find out.

According to the Daily News, the Phillies are hoping to host the All-Star game so far out into the future because that would be the 250th anniversary of the Unites States of America.

"We think the Year 2026 is a pretty special time for this city and our
country," Phillies president David Montgomery told the Daily News on
Wednesday. "We were fortunate enough to host the All-Star Game in 1976.
If we were to get in line and get that opportunity a couple years
before, it would foreclose the opportunity to host in 2026."

At least the Phanatic will already have an outfit picked out.

Photo by Jim MacMillan

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