That ugly Phillies tower sign is finally coming down... sort of

That ugly Phillies tower sign is finally coming down... sort of
September 24, 2013, 12:46 pm
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Good news! That eyesore of a sign between Citizens Bank Park and the lovely Philadelphia skyline is finally coming down after all of these years. Well, it's not coming down entirely, but they are going to chop part of it off and make it a bit lower so that the skyline view will be somewhat improved.

Friend of the Level Brad Maule wrote a great post about the sign for us way back in 2007. It's worth a quick click back to get some of the history of the sign. Remember this nugget?

The 2005 Opening Day ticket painted — or should I say photoshopped — the Phillies’ embarrassment of The Sign. The ticket design featured a photo of the skyline, for which some poor intern was probably assigned to remove The Sign from the view. Except, well, they didn’t finish the job. As you can see below, the photoshop job was left only half done, and 45,000 tickets were printed with half of The Sign.

And the Inquirer's Matt Gelb has the lowdown on the coming changes:

The tower will remain in a different form, a team spokesperson said. It will be lowered in height — from 157 feet tall to 115 feet — and become a two-sided message board. Construction began this week.

So the sign will be lowered. But it's not entirely gone. Which is a bummer.

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