The Daily News and Inquirer Melding Together Has Commenced

The Daily News and Inquirer Melding Together Has Commenced
February 27, 2012, 6:26 am
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The changes we wrote about a few weeks ago at the Inquirer and the Daily News are starting to take shape. In fact, the Daily News' David Murphy wrote about some of the changes on his blog for, a website on the Internet.

Basically, David Murphy, Matt Gelb, and Bob Brookover are going to be the three best friends covering the Phillies that anyone could have. And will all try to write about Philadelphia's baseball team in a more efficient manner.

Or, if you prefer to read 1,800+ words on the exact specifics of the changes/non-changes, High Cheese is good for that as well.

My take: for those Philadelphia sports fans that were initially freaked out about there potentially being less coverage of their favorite teams, these changes don't seem all that bad and actually make sense for more unique, well-rounded coverage.

And just as a reminder: for all of your Philly sports coverage visit, then visit, then visit Google News / Philadelphia, then check the Delco Times, then after wasting too much time on the Superficial and Egotastic looking at non-sports stuff, is an okay place for some sports stuff too.

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