The Giants Sold Hunter Pence's Magic Bat for a Cool 400

The Giants Sold Hunter Pence's Magic Bat for a Cool 400
October 24, 2012, 10:16 am
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As the Million Dollar Man used to say: "Everybody's got a price."

And apparently the Giants parted with a historic piece of their franchise memorabilia for a relatively small sum.

CSNBayArea's Andrew Baggerly reports that the shattered bat Hunter Pence used to hit (on three separate occasions) his bases-clearing double in the third inning of the Giants' Game 7 victory over the Cardinals was accidentally sold to a fan after the game.

Per Baggerly:

The most famous and magical broken bat in franchise history had disappeared for a few hours – only for everyone to react in horror when they discovered where it ended up:

Sold, for $400, to a fan at the From the Clubhouse game-used merchandise stall behind Section 119 just an hour after the Giants’ 9-0, pennant-clinching victory over the Cardinals Monday night.

You don’t need to be an appraiser for Sotheby’s to know the bat, which will go down in Giants lore, is worth many times more than it’s sale price.

You may or may not remember that Pence has a habit of naming his bats. This particular bat was named "Fryer." If you're unsure why that was the case, then don't worry — Pence lacks an explanation himself.

Either way, Pence wants the bat back and the Giants are contemplating whether to try tracking it down now or delaying the search until after the World Series.

And there you have it: the most Hunter Pence-like story you could come across about Hunter Pence.


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