The Misadventures of Ben Revere Continue in Centerfield

The Misadventures of Ben Revere Continue in Centerfield
June 12, 2013, 12:45 pm
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The misadventures of Ben Revere in center field continued on Tuesday night in Minnesota when the human exclamation point made another awkward and failed attempt at a fly ball to the wall in the fourth inning that led to the Twins taking the early lead.

[watch video of Revere botching a double by Oswaldo Arcia]

As we all know by now, Revere's defense has not lived up to the hype created when the Phils dealt for him this past  offseason. In fact, aside from a few incredible web gems, it's been downright disappointing. Couple that with his poor production at the plate and you're left with some angry Phillies fans.

The thing with Revere is... if his offense is going to be THIS bad, his defense has to be AMAZING. Like, Andruw Jones amazing.

— John Stolnis (@FelskeFiles) June 12, 2013


Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence wrote about Revere's return to Minnesota for today's paper and tried to point out a silver lining in the dark cloud of Revere manning center: Charlie thinks he can get better.

"I think that he shows you he's capable of making what you'd call real good catches," manager Charlie Manuel said. "I think that he can definitely get better. He can get better on the routes he runs. He can get better on positioning, stuff like that."

Hope is all we've got at this point.

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