The Next Step in Human Achievement: Frozen Beer Foam

The Next Step in Human Achievement: Frozen Beer Foam
July 24, 2013, 3:57 pm
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Photo via FoodBeast

Fire, the wheel, indoor plumbing, the telephone, electricity, the microchip ...

Frozen beer foam.

The fine people at Kirin -- a Japanese beer-maker you may or may not know thanks to its product Kirin Ichiban -- have come up with the Kirin Ichiban Frozen Draft machine.

Photo via FoodBeast

Once the beer is poured, the frozen foam, which more or less resembles alcoholic whipped cream, is served at -5 degrees Celsius and can, depending on temperature, act as a makeshift lid for your cup for up to 30 minutes.

We're now aware of this Gift From Above thanks to HardballTalk, who got it from FoodBeast via USA Today, and they're all aware of it because the machine is apparently in use at Dodger Stadium.

And now, "Here's What Frozen Beer Foam Looks Like" ...

And this .gif from USA Today:

>>Dodger Stadium Serves Frozen Beer Foam – Keeps Drink Cold For 30 Minutes [FoodBeast]

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