The Phillies Lost Again

The Phillies Lost Again
April 25, 2013, 12:27 pm
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Cliff Lee pitched pretty well for most of the day and had a lead late into the seventh inning before surrendering it shortly after a Charlie Manuel mound visit. Phillippe Aumont then allowed the Pirates to take the lead in the eighth, Durbin tacked on more, and that was the ball game.

What do you say at this point? They're not taking advantage of their opportunities when they have them at the plate. Their starting pitching has been mostly okay, but when they've needed the pen to step up over the past two days, they've failed to do so.

Charlie Manuel got tossed and Cliff Lee got an infield single and was subsequently thrown out stealing, but other than that it was a shitty day.

Another lackluster performance. Another loss.

The line Aumount: 1/3 inning, 3 arrrghs, 3 oh nos, 4 earned forget it let's go drinks.

— John Gonzalez (@gonzoCSN) April 25, 2013

Hey, they could have Qualls.

— John R. Finger (@jrfingerCSN) April 25, 2013

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