The Phillies Lost Again

The Phillies Lost Again
July 24, 2013, 10:12 am
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The Phillies lost again. Given the opportunity to make up a game on the Atlanta Braves they failed to do so. It was a lackluster evening of baseball.

Cardinals' starter Shelby Miller had his with the Phillies because they're the Phillies and they like to chase balls up in the zone.

Charlie on it via Sully:

“He’s got a good arm,” Manuel said of Miller. “He’s got a big fastball. He gave us pitches to hit. He challenged us at times with his fastball.

“I think when we get against a guy like this we get a little anxious and we want to hit him so bad we chase balls out of the strike zone up and that gets us in trouble. If we make him bring the ball down and get a good ball to hit, that’s how you adjust to pitchers like that because they will give you some fastballs to hit. If you swing at the high ones and they have command, more than likely they’ll keep feeding them and walk you up the ladder.

“We just chased a lot of balls up.”

Still chasing that playoff dream too.

7 back of Atlanta and 7.5 back of the wild card as of this morning. But if you watched last night's game (or the Phillies this season) I'd wager you have little faith this is a team equipped for a magical run.

(I did like the above shot of Dom Brown's failed attempt at a diving catch. Interesting angle on the photo. Less interesting angle from Dom who almost made a ridiculously awesome catch. Alas, it was a triple.)

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