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May 13, 2014, 4:40 pm
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I don't get all this Mike Trout love in Philly. If you knew him growing up or are from Millville , New Jersey then fine, you can be a fan of Mike Trout and hope he performs well in games that he plays even if they happen to be against the Phillies. Nothing wrong with being a fan of a player on another team. But that should not trump your devotion to your team.

But there is at least one stupid person in my office who says he is rooting for Mike Trout OVER the Phillies tonight. He is a Phillies fan. He is not an Angels fan. This is not okay. This is stupid.

Mike Trout is probably a fine person. He is most certainly really, really good at baseball. He doesn't play for the Phillies.

If I was going to Citizens Bank Park tonight, I would boo him.

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