This Is Not Going to End Well

This Is Not Going to End Well
August 18, 2012, 8:06 am
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This photo is all kinds of win, if only for the reactions in the bullpen -- even though it is the fail that was most associated with the Phillies 6-2 loss to the Brewers on Friday night. As Dom Brown drops a long fly ball in right field, we see one mouth agape, we see one face painted with bemusement. We see disappointment. We see complete lack of emotion or surprise.

One frame later, Brown collides with the wall, then lies helplessly in the dirt as two runs score.

Actually, what we really see are a bunch of guys straining for a view of the play. Nonetheless, those reactions were surely just a sampling of the ones shared by Phillies fans watching this unfold.

For what it's worth, Dom would be okay, and admitted he should have caught the ball. Not exactly a routine play, but an everyday outfielder probably should come up with this more often than not.

>> Brown's drop costs Phils in loss to Brewers [CSN]

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