Utley on Dom: 'He's a worker.' Plus, Did Ruben Amaro Admit a Mistake?

Utley on Dom: 'He's a worker.' Plus, Did Ruben Amaro Admit a Mistake?
May 31, 2013, 11:09 am
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Any article that starts off with Chase Utley praising another Phillie's work ethic is bound to be worth a read. Okay, so Ryan Lawrence's profile of Dom Brown in this morning's Daily News starts off with some Eagles-Beat-Writer-Shazamage stuff, but then it quickly gets to the Utley goods.

"He's strong, he's got a great lean baseball body and he's a worker," Chase Utley said, before repeating the last part for emphasis. "He's a worker. You put all of that together and, who knows?"

Pretty good quote from one of the more notoriously hard workers in Philadelphia.

I can't remember much written about Brown's work ethic in the past, positive or negative, so it's exciting to know he's putting in the kind of time that gets praise from his teammates.

Lawrence's piece is also getting buzz this morning for Ruben Amaro Jr. acknowledging that the team's handling of Brown the past few seasons may not have been the best for the young slugger.

In the midst of Brown's home run barrage this week, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. acknowledged Brown's initial call-up and subsequent benching "maybe [was to] the detriment of his development."

There's plenty more on Brown's development in the piece, including thoughts from the Phillies offensive triumvirate of yore in Rollins, Utley, and Howard.

Turns out all Dom Brown may have needed to turn into a stud was to play baseball everyday.

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