Vernon Wells rumors are now a thing in Philadelphia

Vernon Wells rumors are now a thing in Philadelphia
January 20, 2014, 11:09 am
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You know things in the world of Phillies fandom are not their best when an article about a potential free agent signing has to explicitly state "it wouldn't be a train wreck" and that rumored player has been "epically bad in recent years." As if all of the moves Ruben Amaro Jr. makes these days are almost assumed to be poor decisions.

And the report in the Boston Globe that the Phils have expressed interest in former Blue Jays outfielder Vernon Wells, most recently of the Yankees, is certainly the kind of report that makes you initially think "what the hell?"

This line is included in the Globe report:

It’ll be interesting to see whether Wells elects to retire and collect $21 million or hook on with another team after his release by the Yankees.

But over at, Corey Seidman actually breaks down Wells' splits over the past few seasons and points out that while Wells wouldn't actually be an upgrade over a guy like Delmon Young (!), if he was used solely against lefties, he could be an improvement over John Mayberry Jr. who they just avoided arbitration with.

Anyway, this is the state of Phillies roster rumors these days. Hopefully you're not at work today and are not reading this.

Vernon Wells is what we're left to attempt to get excited about.

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