Video: Area Diner Was Fine with Baseball Team's Old Name

Video: Area Diner Was Fine with Baseball Team's Old Name
November 9, 2012, 8:22 am
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The Reading Phillies started a "social networking fire storm" when they announced last week that they'd be changing their team's name after nearly half a century of being known as the R-Phils. Local TV station WGAL's Barbara Barr went directly to the place where fans are hit the hardest by such naming changes, the local Diner, to gauge fan reactions.

Also, some think they already know what the new name will be when officially announced on the 17th.

But first, some of the fantastic responses from those polled in the local news report which you can watch above:

"I was fine with the old name. [laughter] They didn't ask me though."

"It was always known as the Reading Phillies. I can't really imagine it as anything else."

"Yeah, there should be a name change because we have the Philadelphia Phillies."

He is not lying. And my favorite:

"I think it'll do them good because we all need something to pick us up."

As for the hot lead on the new name? The rumors that the new team will be "The Fightins" or the "Fightin Phils" have been discussed, and while R-Phillies general manager Scott Hunsicker won't confirm or deny those rumors, he does say this:

"I can honestly say the relationship with the Phillies is enhanced through what we're about to unveil on the 17th."

Those sound like fightin' words to me.

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