Video: Charlie Manuel Was Hoping Kyle Kendrick Would Eat Dirt When Sliding Head First

Video: Charlie Manuel Was Hoping Kyle Kendrick Would Eat Dirt When Sliding Head First
June 4, 2013, 10:40 am
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Kyle Kendrick rips a triple

Dom Brown continued to rip the cover off the ball. The guys around him in the lineup were feeding off Brown's hot bat and contributing. And Kyle Kendrick was cruising after giving up a few early hits and the Phillies put a 7-2 smackdown on the Miami Marlins. You know what that means? A giddy Charlie Manuel postgame press conference.

Two of his best Charlie-isms following the game came when he was asked about home runs being important. Charlie Manuel LOVES himself some home runs. "Home runs are the greatest hit in baseball," Manuel succinctly reminded the media scrum present.

But it was his discussing of Kyle Kendrick's triple that got the most laughs.

Not only did Kendrick mow the Marlins down on the mound for nine innings, he also ripped the first triple of his career, finishing it off with a head-first slide into third.

[watch video of Kendrick's triple here]

I'd call that some solid redemption for that base-running blunder over the weekend. Manuel kinda wished, you know, like, he wouldn't have done the head-first thing though. Here's Charlie:

"He got a chance to redeem himself. His triple really made him look better. His lead at second definitely got short. I don't know if he noticed, he was kind of leaning back towards the bag expecting someone to pick him off."

"Kendrick had a big night. He had a heck of a game.

"That ball he hit, he smoked that ball. He laid into it. It was good. I was kind of hoping he'd get a mouthful of dirt. A lot of times if you slide head first, your chin hits the ground first, and you scratch your chin up and you get a mouthful of dirt. Usually after that you won't do it no more. He's not used to sliding. I was pulling for him to do that."

Still, Charlie man, that's harsh.

Oh, and KK's final line on the evening? 9.0 IP, 6 hits, 2 runs, 2 earned, 1 walk, 5 Ks. And a triple.

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