Video: Jen Utley Shakes It with the Phillie Phanatic

Video: Jen Utley Shakes It with the Phillie Phanatic
June 18, 2012, 8:44 pm
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It's got to be tough to be a baseball player attempting to trade in the red pinstripes for something a bit more form-fitting and stylish on the runway. I mean, how can an athlete compete with such a trained professional like the Phillie Phanatic? In the case of closer Jonathan Papelbon, I think the answer is clearly, "you can't."

(Although John Mayberry Jr. could probably find a job as a model if he really wanted to. Dude is smooth.)

The award for best dressed at the 2012 Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show that took place last night in Center City clearly goes to the green guy from the Galapagos yet again. Not only was the Phanatic looking dapper in his customary half of a tux, but with Chase Utley currently rehabbing in Clearwater (1-4 on Monday), he had the honor of strutting his stuff on the runway on Monday night alongside Chase's wife, Jennifer. The pair even pulled off the Phanatic's patented hubba-hubba-hip-shake maneuver. [video below]

The Phanatic's reign as the biggest diva in Philadelphia could soon soon be coming to an end, however. Did you see the attitude Shane's daughter brought to the runway. Adorable.

And thanks to Cole Hamels providing the Internet with yet another totally awkward fashion show photo. Did they really have to make him roll his pants or do you think that was his own idea?

(Photo Courtesy: Miles Kennedy)

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