Watch Marlins manager Mike Redmond protest ejection in Phillies win

Watch Marlins manager Mike Redmond protest ejection in Phillies win
May 21, 2014, 12:10 am
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The story that’s about to take a back seat to a certain All-Star pitcher’s trip to the disabled list is the Philadelphia Phillies won their third game in a row on Tuesday. Jimmy Rollins smashed a two-run homer and the bullpen managed to hold a lead for four innings in the 6-5 victory, the first of a three-game set with the Miami Marlins.

Ryan Howard, Marlon Byrd and John Mayberry also added RBIs, as every player in the Phillies’ starting lineup reached base at least once. A.J. Burnett battled through five innings, but earned the win once Jonathan Papelbon managed to save the thing, with contributions from Jake Diekman and Mike Adams.

Winning wasn’t the only source of entertainment if you happened to tune in though. Marlins manager Mike Redmond disapproved of home plate umpire Will Little’s strike zone—at least I think that’s “What the @#$% was that @#$%?” was in reference to—an outburst that results in an ejection. As you can see here though, Redmond’s outburst was only warming up.

[mlbvideo id="33016693" width="640" height="358" /]

While it’s nothing too sensational, the classic dirt-kicking is a nice touch. Then Redmond really goes the extra mile, getting in Little’s face and letting those obscenities fly. That’s some strong protesting right there.

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