Werth On Utley: 'He's a Game-Changer'

Werth On Utley: 'He's a Game-Changer'
May 19, 2011, 10:30 am
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Chase Utley's return to the Phillies lineup appears to be inching closer and closer. It could even happen during the team's current homesteand, of which they have eight games remaining.

Danny Knobler, a baseball writer for CBSSports.com, caught up with former Phillie Jayson Werth yesterday and asked him what Utley means to this team.

Werth's answer? "Everything."

"He's a game-changer," Werth said. "They are not too many like him. He
brings a mentality and work ethic to the workplace that's unparalleled
from anyone I've ever played with."

It's not anything most who follow the team closely didn't already know, but it is coming from a guy who spent four years alongside Chase in the clubhouse who now plays for the enemy.

If anything, Werth's quotes just remind us what the Phillies and us fans have been missing. As if we really needed any reminder.

But damn, when Utley comes to the plate at CBP for the first time this season, it's gonna be electric.

>>Werth: Utley Means 'Everything' to the Phils [CBS]

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