What You Missed This Weekend: Thome!

What You Missed This Weekend: Thome!
November 6, 2011, 9:01 pm
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Despite the Eagles not playing over the weekend, there was plenty to talk about in the world of Philly sports. Some good: Thome, Flyers. Some not so good: Penn State.

Here's what you missed, plus some highlights from Thome's presser to your right.

Jim Thome is back in town!

Michael Cuddyer, who is good friends with Thome, may be next on Ruben's wish list.

The Flyers lit up the Blue Jackets to the tune of 9-2. Awesome.

Jeff Carter has fond memories of Philly fans.

Terrell Owens has a warrant out for him.

Brandon Graham is back… Like back-back.

Joe Frazier is battling liver cancer.

The NBA players are running out of options.

These are dark days for Penn State


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