Worley Aiming to Avoid Being 'Booked'

Worley Aiming to Avoid Being 'Booked'
February 25, 2012, 6:55 am
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Interesting piece by Matt Gelb in the Inq today, taking a look at one of the key questions for the Phillies this year: How will starter Vance Worley fare after the league has had a season's look at him? Worley's success had a lot to do with a particular out-pitch, his sinker, but opposing hitters began anticipating that later in the season.

The book was out: With two strikes, expect Worley to throw the sinker, usually inside. In 2011, 55 percent of Worley's strikeouts were looking. The major-league average was 24 percent, and only New York's Bartolo Colon had a higher percentage looking than Worley. In other words, Worley can expect more swings on two-strike counts if he keeps throwing the sinker the way he did last year.

The good news, as Gelb details via some candid discussions with Worley and personal catcher Brian Schneider, is that the battery is already working on new ways to keep batters guessing at Worley's next pitch. Plus, Worley is working on a few new pitches, including one suggested by Roy Halladay. Not a bad group of pitchers to be around if you're looking for some tips. Highly recommend swinging by and reading this one, a great spring training cup-of-coffee read on a 40º Delco morning. 

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