According to Vegas, Heat and Bulls won the week

According to Vegas, Heat and Bulls won the week
July 18, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Chris Bosh and Pau Gasol boosted the NBA title odds of the Heat and Bulls, respectively, by signing their new contracts. (USA Today Images)

We all know how drastically the Cleveland Cavaliers' NBA title odds shifted after the signing of LeBron James. Once as high as 50/1, the Cavs became the odds-on favorite at 4/1 after signing James and are now at 3/1, according to Bovada.

But how has the rest of the fallout affected the NBA? Just a week ago, it looked like the Rockets would land Chris Bosh and the Heat might lose their entire Big Three. But a last-minute max offer by the Heat led to Bosh's returning to Miami, and once he was secured Dwyane Wade also stayed put.

On July 11, the Heat's title odds were 50/1. After retaining Bosh and Wade, they're 25-to-1.

As for Houston, the change wasn't as significant as you might expect. Even after missing out on Bosh and not matching the Mavericks' offer sheet for Chandler Parsons, the Rockets are still viewed as 12/1 favorites to win the NBA Championship. A week ago, their odds were 8/1.

Some other notable changes:

*The Chicago Bulls moved up a spot and have the same odds as the Oklahoma City Thunder at 13/2. Factors in that change were the signing of Pau Gasol and the Summer League emergence of Doug McDermott.

*The Mavericks' title odds shortened from 33/1 to 25/1 after they signed Parsons.

*After losing Paul Pierce, the Nets' odds went from 40/1 to 66/1.

*Apparently Vegas thinks the Pistons' veteran role player additions will hurt more than they'll help. Detroit is listed at 200/1. The Pistons were 100/1 last Friday.

Here are the complete odds:

Cleveland Cavaliers: 3/1

San Antonio Spurs: 9/2

Chicago Bulls: 13/2

Oklahoma City Thunder: 13/2

Houston Rockets: 12/1

Los Angeles Clippers: 12/1

Indiana Pacers: 18/1

Golden State Warriors: 20/1

Dallas Mavericks: 25/1

Miami Heat: 25/1

Washington Wizards: 33/1

New York Knicks: 40/1

Portland Trailblazers: 40/1

Charlotte Hornets: 50/1

Los Angeles Lakers: 50/1

Memphis Grizzlies: 50/1

Toronto Raptors: 50/1

Brooklyn Nets: 66/1

New Orleans Pelicans: 66/1

Atlanta Hawks: 75/1

Denver Nuggets: 75/1

Phoenix Suns: 75/1

Boston Celtics: 100/1

Minnesota Timberwolves: 100/1

Detroit Pistons: 200/1

Milwaukee Bucks: 200/1

Orlando Magic: 200/1

Philadelphia 76ers: 200/1

Sacramento Kings: 200/1

Utah Jazz: 200/1

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