MCW amazed at Mo'ne Davis defying the odds

MCW amazed at Mo'ne Davis defying the odds
August 17, 2014, 5:00 pm
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KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. -- Even before Mo'ne Davis pitched six shutout innings Friday, becoming the first girl to earn a win at the Little League World Series, she caught the attention of the NBA's reigning Rookie of the Year. 

"I remember watching one of their first games on TV and thinking, 'Wow, she is really amazing,'" Sixers point guard Michael Carter-Williams said Sunday. "She is pitching no-hitters and getting hits with her at-bats. It is an unbelievable thing."

With Friday's win, Davis and the Philadelphia-based Taney Dragons took their first step toward a Little League World Series title (see story).

The Dragons have become the subject of conversation with strangers in a coffee shop or neighbors at the park. They were the answer to a question in a weekly game of Quizzo at a local eating establishment.

Even elite athletes have taken notice and marveled at Davis' talents and the success of the Dragons (see story).

"I want to reach out to her just to congratulate her on all she is doing because she is going against all odds," said Carter-Williams, who hosted a basketball camp for kids Saturday and Sunday at Competitive Edge Sports in King of Prussia (see story). "You don't see girls coming in doing what she is doing. I want to tell her to keep doing her thing, try to get better each and every day, and try to bring it home to Philly."

The Dragons play their second game of the Little League World Series against Pearlman, Texas in Williamsport on Sunday at 7 p.m., but Davis will not be pitching.

MCW remembers when he played little league, which is where he learned how to hit home runs like the ones he showed off at last weekend's Jeffrey Osbourne Celebrity Softball Classic. He even hit one off Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

"It was a great experience for me because I love playing baseball," MCW said. "I played little league, so I do have a little bit of background in baseball, and I enjoy the sport. It is a fun sport to play."

And hitting a home run off Magic, did it bring some small satisfaction?

"I was happy about that," Carter-Williams admitted.

Like his little league experience, youth basketball camp made a difference in his life. He is trying to pay that experience forward.

"I remember being a young camper," MCW said. "There were not too many NBA players that influenced me at that time, but I remember being a camper and going hard and going through drills and playing in lots of games."

Carter-Williams' event drew 250 campers. He credited his mom, Mandy Carter-Zegarowski, for helping him organize things.

"She is the one that puts everything together and is the glue to my organization," Carter-Williams said. "She is a big help. She does a lot of great things that are greatly appreciated."

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