Report: Sixers open to trading for Jeremy Lin

Report: Sixers open to trading for Jeremy Lin

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July 5, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Jeremy Lin averaged 12.5 points, 4.1 assists and 2.6 rebounds in 71 games for Houston last season. (USA Today Images)

Could Lin-sanity soon be taking over Philadelphia?

According to Marc Stein of, the Sixers have expressed a willingness to trade for Rockets guard Jeremy Lin, depending on what sort of assets Houston is willing to attach to the deal.

Stein, citing sources, said the Sixers would be happy to take on Lin provided that the extra asset or two they get from the Rockets is sufficiently attractive.

The Sixers have ample room on their payroll to absorb Lin's contract. If they can arrange a trade that sends no salary back to Houston, it would enable the Rockets to extend a rich offer in free agency, perhaps to Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh.

It's important to note that while Lin has a $14.89 million salary, his cap hit is only $8.37 million for 2014-15. He is on an expiring contract and will be a free agent next offseason.

The Sixers would essentially pay his salary and absorb his cap hit in exchange for taking back assets. Then they would almost certainly let him walk.

Houston has its first-round pick next year, and it recently acquired another first rounder from New Orleans in the Omer Asik trade. There have been various reports about the protections for the Pelicans' pick, but Zach Lowe of reported that New Orleans will keep it if it lands in the top two-thirds of the lottery or falls at No. 20 or later. Getting one of Houston's first rounders in the Lin deal would be a boon for the Sixers.

Stein also reported the Milwaukee Bucks are another team that would consider trading for Lin.

Lin, who began his NBA career with Golden State before breaking out with the New York Knicks in 2011-12, just finished up his second year in Houston. In 71 games -- 33 starts -- last season, he averaged 12.5 points, 4.1 assists and 2.6 rebounds per game.

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