6 observations from Sixers-Thunder

6 observations from Sixers-Thunder

Durant records his 5th career triple-double

January 25, 2014, 10:15 pm
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Thunder big man Serge Ibaka finished with 25 points, 11 rebounds and five blocks against the Sixers Saturday night. (USA Today Images)


The Sixers got a full dose of Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night as they dropped their second game in as many nights at the Wells Fargo Center.

Durant scored 32 points, grabbed 14 boards and dished out 10 assists in the Thunder’s 103-91 victory (see Instant Replay). He also turned in 44 minutes after missing a game with a sprained shooting shoulder.

Here are a few observations from Saturday night’s game …

1. K.D.
It’s impossible to know how truly quick Durant is until you see him up close. And when you get that chance to see Durant, don’t blink. At 6-foot-11, he was the quickest man on the floor. He brought the ball up the court, shook down Sixers point guard Michael Carter-Williams and played with his back to the basket in the low post against the Sixers' bigs.

He never had difficulty getting his own shot, nor did he have any setting up a teammate.

Durant scored 30-plus for the 10th game in a row and collected a triple-double. He is the sixth player to score 30 or more in 10 straight since 1990, joining Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Tracy McGrady and LeBron James.

Good company.

2. Serge Ibaka
The not-so-secret weapon on the Thunder is big man Serge Ibaka. Defensively, very few players in the league change the game like Ibaka. Against the Sixers, he had five blocks and altered twice as many shots. And now that Ibaka has added a 20-footer to his repertoire, he could develop into a Kevin Garnett-type.

Ibaka scored 25 points on 16 shots with 11 boards.

3. Up for grabs
The Thunder entered Saturday’s game as the best defensive rebounding team in the league. That’s what makes the Sixers' 19 offensive boards stand out.

Of course, the Sixers missed a ton of close shots -- 23 misses in the paint -- which put them in position to get the offensive rebounds. Still, Lavoy Allen was aggressive and positioned well enough to grab six on the offensive glass.

Allen had seven offensive rebounds this entire month going into the game.

Additionally, Thad Young had six offensive boards and 10 total rebounds to go with 13 points and eight steals.

4. Ol' Man River
Thunder point guard Derek Fisher turns 40 after the season. He was teammates with Byron Scott, who was teammates with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was teammates with Guy Rodgers who grew up in West Philadelphia with Wilt Chamberlain.

There's Derek Fisher to Wilt Chamberlain in four steps.

5. Ominous sign?
The Sixers were offering 25 percent off all Evan Turner jerseys and t-shirts on the scoreboard during the game.

What type of discount will they offer after the Feb. 20 trade deadline?

6. Take that!
The Thunder had eight blocks against the Sixers in the game. The Sixers have had at least eight shots blocked in 20 games this season.