Adam Aron tweets about ping pong balls

Adam Aron tweets about ping pong balls
March 14, 2013, 2:00 pm
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It’s how these things go. If you’re a Sixers fan and you’re still paying attention to the season, you might be rooting for them to lose games these days so they can accumulate ping pong balls for the upcoming draft lottery. When dark clouds hover over an organization, that’s about as bright as it gets – sacrificing the present while keeping a hopeful eye on the future.
The phenomenon isn’t unique to Philadelphia. Hoops lovers in troubled NBA outposts like Orlando and Charlotte and Sacramento are no doubt doing the same thing. Mentioning ping pong balls isn’t surprising – if you’re a fan. It’s somewhat surprising, however, if you’re affiliated with a team.
Late in Wednesday’s game against the Heat, Sixers CEO Adam Aron dashed off this tweet:

OK. He was excited. The Sixers had a chance to upend the Heat at that point, ping pong balls be damned. Then, Thursday morning, he sent out these tweets:


 There you have it, ping pong addicts.

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